FABRIC MURAL - You're Surrounded

Perfect for trade shows, new product launches, event marketing or virtually any time you need to make a colorful statement, our fabric murals go from portable to prominent in less than a minute. Poly-printed fabric is attached to an aluminum frame with Velcro and then folded for transit. When the mural is unfolded, the graphic stretches smooth. This billboard-in-a-bag has its own soft carry bag and is available in flat or curved configurations.

Optional end panels and accessory lighting will add extra impact. The also-available hard carrying case doubles as a graphic-wrapped podium up to 100" wide. Printed fabrics can be supplied stand-alone or fitted, and applied to any existing structure.


When disassembled, the Milan is deceptively lightweight and compact. Once assembled, it makes a big statement. The zippered "pillowcase" fabric cover provides a smooth snug fit over a 1 1/4" powder-coated aluminum frame. For ultimate image quality, single-sided covers are backed with opaque fabric, to eliminate shadowing. For even more impact, get twice the visibility with a two-sided graphic.

Easy to follow instructions enable set-up in minutes, without the need for tools. Custom sizes are available. For added functionality, accessorize with lighting, literature holders or podium with coordinating graphics.

COLLAGE -  Where Form Meets Function

The collage is a proven workhorse. It's a rugged display designed to deliver maximum visual impact while taking budgets into consideration. The scissors are easily changed so that, should the display get damaged, replacement parts can be shipped and installed in the field. In any environment, the collage gets noticed.

The Collage allows the graphics to be easily interchanged for a fresh look at different shows and venues. Because there are many frame and panel sizes, you can create endless combinations of looks. The Collage snaps into place quickly and painlessly with magnetic connectors. Simply attach the stretch fabric panels and you're finished before most other exhibitors have even started.

TRADE WIND - Sail in and Steal the Show

The TradeWind system, available exclusively from Clothbanners.com leads the way in portable displays. This multi-panel tension fabric display offers exhibitors virtually limitless possibilities. TradeWind is a lightweight system that maximizes versatility and visual impact. Its sleek, compact design and quick set-up make TradeWind a revolutionary advancement in the display industry.

With TradeWind, the graphics do the talking. The small-gauge tubing minimizes this frame's visual footprint and further places the emphasis on the graphics. If you're looking for maximum visual impact and the most sophisticated display available, look no further.

Fabric Mural

Portable Fabric Mural


Portable Milan


Portable Collage

Trade Wind

Portable Trade Wind